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    World Brain Wave (WBW.ONE) is a research platform providing online (mobile cross-platform) tools for neuroscientific, psychological, sociological, organisational and economical research. On the platform organizations, researchers and students can collaborate, execute and share experiments and results worldwide. Our main goal is to offer easy to use research tools that facilitates research across the globe.

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    Research Group
    We are a research group at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, initated by PhD researcher / candidate H.S. (Erik) Schoppen. Our research (Trusting Sustainability) aims to determine whether a sustainable pro-social (brand) positioning leads to durable behavior change, increased value perception, and feelings of trust by consumers and users, and how a sustainable pro-social strategy contributes to the organizational appreciation by stakeholders (resulting in a higher trust in a sustainable future economy).

One People, One Planet

As humans, we are a social species, which can range from families, friends and groups to cities, civilizations, and nowadays global cultures. These structures evolved with neural mechanisms to support us, because social behaviors helped human kind to survive, reproduce, and care for offspring. Therefore important as a research field, as relevant to the future and survival of our world. Because we are one of a kind. On one planet.

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Our brain processes information in two ways. Processes that are explicit and conscious, and are implicit and subconscious. In our research we investigate both.

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Lab Studies

To measure neurofeedback on pro-social and sustainable trust behavior, we use our neuroscientic labs at the University of Groningen.

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In our (field and lab) studies we are observing and questioning people in (open and closed) interviews and we use questionnaires.

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In our (field and lab) studies we measure brain activity (implicit emotional response) by using neuroscientific methods like priming and EEG.

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Research Projects

At the moment, we are running several research projects, including a comprehensive study in sustainable pro-social (brand) positioning and how brands can increase feelings of trust.

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Social Neuroscience

Social neuroscience is the research field focused on the understanding of emotional and social processes in human behavior. It uses biological, psychological, sociological and cultural concepts to research social processes and behavior. A number of methods are used in social neuroscience to investigate the confluence of neural and social processes. Methods like Implicit Associations, Semantic Priming, Electroencephalogram (EEG), functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), etc.. For our online research we use several methods, mostly based on implicit preferences.

Research Team

Team Member

Erik Schoppen

Initiator & Neuroresearcher

Social Neuroscience,
Experimental (Brand) Psychology

Team Member

Jacob Jolij


Cognitive Neuroscience,
Experimental (Social) Psychology

Team Member

Laurent Krook


Affective Neurofeedback,
Application Development

Team Member

Peter Sloots

Head Development

System Architecture,
Software Development

Team Member

Tabitha Steendam

Lab Research

Research Scientist
Experimental Psychology


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